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Sculpting Box

Our aim is to take you on a sculpting journey which is creative and easy for both adults and children wanting to learn a new craft skill. Squishing clay between your fingers and getting down and dirty whilst creating with clay is an entire sensory experience that inspires creative hands and relaxes the mind whilst concentrating on the material in your hands. Each month you will learn about clay, sculpture and decorating techniques using high quality art materials, tools and easy to follow instructions supplied. Plus, an arty fact sheet and quiz to see who the expert in your family is. Our boxes have been creatively designed to suit all ages from children to adults. Allow your creativity full rein and enjoy your clay sculpting journey!

What’s inside

Each box contains enough air-dry clay for 2 people, materials, tools, instructions to make your creation and an art base fact sheet and quiz. Your first sculpting box contains a cool bag for you to keep and build your tool collection.

Get sculpting

At the beginning of each month your sculpting box will land at your door containing everything you will need. Over the months you will become a sculpting novice to sculpting whizz by learning how to work with clay and master sculpture techniques and skills. Plus learning about art, other artists and enjoying the creative process along the way. No kiln needed we have got it covered with air-drying clay. Let your creation inspiration dry for at least 24 hours and take its place in your home. Join our private members club community with tutorials, tops tips, interviews and clay craft gossip Facebook Group Don’t forget you can keep your new tools, brushes, and leftover paint for another clay creation.

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